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Blackcoin Public Image Restyling

Bounty goal: 2255 BLK

BLK donation address: bK8kTAcj5yYFwHCpkLH1gbCoPuvXvRw7mt

(Donation address held by: Janko33bd, Sutanz & VinceBLK) - Link

0% Complete
BLK raised: 0 0
Person responsible: Sutanz
Project on Reddit
Project completion : 0%

This bounty is to hire two graphic designers to make a restyling and unify Blackcoin's public image without loosing current BLK identity

This is not intended to make a new logo or image, is just an update and unification of the current one by creating a "Logo System" to use it on current and future development

View Blackcoin Blockchain Assets in Blockchain Explorer

Bounty goal: 2000 BLK

BLK donation address: bTb9MTJtT6gjSA1nfR9GxRrAA7r7NzdY4R

(Donation address held by: Janko33bd, Tapius & VinceBLK) - Link

12% Complete
BLK raised: 0 0
Person responsible: Tapius
Project on Reddit
Project completion : 0%

This bounty is for creating a Blackcoin Blockchain explorer with ability to see the Iris created assets on the blockchain

Something similar to how we can see tokens on other coins' blockchain explorers which also have this ability

Raspberry Pi - BLK wallets staking guide

Bounty goal: 80 BLK

BLK donation address: bRkgRgDGbasGUFWmC657vXuV2nMKLPUMJw

(Donation address held by: Caad12, Janko33bd & VinceBLK) - Link

44% Complete
BLK raised: 0 44%
Person responsible: Caad12
Project completion : 0%

Detailed paper guide on how to configure a raspberry pi to run the Blackcoin wallets (both Original and Lore) and stake coins. Paper will be detailed including screenshots of the raspberry pi along with details and step by step instructions for how to successfully configure. Included will be a small write up on Blackcoin and why staking on a Raspberry pi is more beneficial to some than staking on a traditional laptop/desktop.

In addition, the guide will be aesthetically pleasing and in line with Blackcoin as opposed to simply a word document with a white background.

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